Welcome to My Brand New Blog

Greetings, and welcome to my new blog!

With some 200 million blogs readily available, you may not feel the need for more content, but I hope to offer a different take on the fascinating ways that people’s experiences of religion, spirituality and culture intersect (or collide). These intersections have been the prism for much of my writing, reading and observing this world of wonders.

It’s an “occasional” blog because there are word-drenched days when my cranking out a post wouldn’t be in your interests, or mine. I’m also setting aside times for obeying a much-needed 11th Commandment: “Thou shall not touch any digital devices today!”

I (along with guests, including my wife Lois) plan to post things Only When Moved, which we hope will happen twice a week!

Here’s what’s moving us today: concern for the thousands of people (including friends) here in Colorado and the West who have lost their homes in devastating wildfires over the last two long, hot summers (and the 19 firefighters who lost their lives in Arizona).

C-Fire-2013If you want to help those impacted by this year’s Black Forest Fire and last year’s Waldo Canyon Fire, consider:

Giving to The Pikes Peak Community Foundation’s emergency relief fund;

Or purchasing a Wild Fire Tee (proceeds help The Pikes Peak Community Foundation’s emergency relief fund).

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