megaphoneIt’s been a pleasure consulting with dozens of organizations, companies and individuals to articulate and deliver their messages. Here’s a partial project portfolio:


Hollow Brook Family Dentistry

I love my dentist and the entire staff’s warmth and friendliness. We tried to capture that positive spirit in this website for the company.

Corporate/Organizational History

A Legacy of CaringA Legacy of Caring: Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch

I worked with the founder and executives of Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch and Foundation in creating this book to commemorate the Ranch’s 50th anniversary. The book tells how one man’s vision to create a haven for troubled boys led to an acclaimed full-service clinical treatment center for Severely Emotionally Disturbed young people from across the nation.

Investment Analysis Newsletter
Perspectives by Van Hulzen Asset Management

The goal of these newsletters is to communicate with clients in a way that translates economic jargon into understandable analysis so they can adjust both their expectations and their portfolios.

newsletter2Less or More?

How much is enough? While the great recession is leading many people to adapt a “less is more” lifestyle, government spending continues to pursue a “more is more” approach. These trends pose challenges for many investors, but good opportunities remain for pursuing your financial goals.

newsletter1From Crisis to Response: Investing In a Time of Reform and Regulation

The U.S. financial crisis is like BP’s Deepwater Horizon oilrig accident: crisis leads to greater regulation. But financial regulations are blunt instruments that yield unintended consequences. What challenges do new regulations pose for investors?


Evangelicalism in Colorado Springs

Noel Black invited three white guys (Steve Rabey, David Parris of Fuller Seminary and Bruce Corriel of Colorado College) to explore evangelicals on this “Western Skies” program airing on KRCC-FM in 2010.


“New Faces of Evangelicalism”

Steve presented this overview of the origins and evolution of modern evangelicalism at 2010 annual meeting of the Religion Newswriters Association (journalists who cover religion for the mainstream media).


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