The Way of the Mystics

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The Way of the Mystics

The Way of the Mystics
Ancient Wisdom for Experiencing God Today
Lessons from Thirteen Holy Men and Women
By John Michael Talbot with Steve Rabey

Mystics are people who believe there are realities to life beyond what can be perceived by our rational minds or described in words. And they not only believe this in the abstract but put it to work in their daily lives.

This book brings together insights, guidance and practices from 13 of the best loved and most influential Christian mystics in accessible chapters:
• The Way of the Desert: Antony and the Desert Fathers
• The Way of Love: Bernard of Clairvaux
• The Way of Visions: Hildegard of Bingen
• The Way of Joy: Francis of Assisi
• The Way of Suffering: Catherine of Siena
• The Way of Service: Ignatius of Loyola
• The Way of Union: Teresa of Avila
• The Way of Darkness: John of the Cross
• The Way of the Artist: John Donne and England’s Metaphysical Poets
• The Way of the Inner Light: George Fox
• The Way of the Pilgrim: Lessons on Prayer from an Unknown Seeker
• The Way of Childlike Love: Therese of Lisieux
• The Way of the Modern Mystic: Thomas Merton

First Place: Spirituality
2006 Book Award, Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada

Richard Rohr. O.F.M., author and Director of the Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico: “For too long the moral has been a substitute for the mystical. This fine study places the mystics back at the center of Christianity.”

Jack W. Hayford, Chancellor, The King’s College and Seminary: “John Michael Talbot is a faithful worshipper of our Savior, whose music and meditations not only refresh many, but whose witness reminds us of the breadth of the scope of vital, living witness throughout the whole Body of Christ, and how much we who love Jesus Christ have to give to each other of our mutual growth and benefit.”

Jossey-Bass, hardcover, 2005, $21.95

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