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Business with Soul

Business with Soul: Creating a Workplace Rich in Faith and Values
By Michael Cardone Jr. (collaboration with Steve Rabey)
Thomas Nelson, 2009

How do you define success? Michael Cardone Jr., president of CARDONE Industries, a large Philadelphia-based auto parts company with thousands of employees worldwide, measures success by his “Triple Bottom Line” of financial, social, and spiritual impact.

Cardone has practiced and promoted faith, prayer, generosity and servant leadership among his employees for four decades, creating a vibrant corporate ethos and building one of the nation’s most successful manufacturing firms.

“Deep within, I know I am a ‘businessman with a soul,’” he says, “and as a natural extension of myself, I want to create a ‘business with soul.’”

Cardone shows readers how to embrace core principles that can help any company be better focused, more profitable and more competitive. The book guides leaders through a series of steps that can help create a workplace where employees’ deepest values are engaged. Find out how you can:

– Identify the greater purpose for your business
– Develop servant leadership across company lines
– Communicate effectively to management, employees, and customers
– Build morale, inspire creativity, and boost retention
– Pursue excellence and exceed customer expectations
– Improve business by drawing more from God’s infinite wisdom

Packed with valuable insights, practical examples, and easy-to-use tools you can implement in your company, Business with Soul provides a game plan for surviving and thriving in today’s tough business climate.

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